Take a look at some testimonials we have received from our satisfied clients.

Our customers depend on us to help reduce piracy of their products. We do our best to locate and remove as many pirated copies of their products as possible. Here is what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our efforts.

What Quoord has found useful is the DMCA Guardian service, which helps automate the sending of takedown notices to sites which host pirated copies of apps (or other content). Wong said that while adopting that approach hadn't had a noticeable effect in the Apple universe (where installing pirated apps requires a jailbroken device), it had made a clear difference for Android. "For Apple we didn't see any significant increase in sales when we used their service, but for Android our sales jumped 20 percent after we used their service." - Excerpt from Lifehacker

Winter Wong | Quoord Systems Ltd | www.quoord.com

"It's impossible to stop piracy but measures can be taken to reduce it. Part of our mobile company's strategy to reduce piracy is to take down some of those file sharing website links. This is a time consuming and tedious process. Since we started using DMCA Guardians services, we did not only save time and money, but also increased our sales."

Pat Toulouse | Ratrod Studio Inc | www.ratrodstudio.com

"Being an independant software developer, finding your app being pirated is exciting at first as it is a sign that you have made a successful app. Then it becomes a challenge searching for ways to avoid it. After many attempts at protecting the source code of my application, I've learned that Android is not well designed to prevent piracy in an effient technical way. Finding ways of preventing piracy stopped being exciting and started becomming irritating. At this stage, I was almost convinced that there was no way to prevent pirating of my hard work. It was a relief finding there was still hope! This relief was brought to me by Jeff at DMCA Guardian. Being one of his first customers, I could measure the progress and efficiency of his methods, putting down one link after another of all the illegal copies of my app. Thank you for your work!"

Gael Pouzerate | Binary Mango AS | www.binary-mango.com

"As a software/application developer, it was not a good feeling at all to see my Android application being cracked and shared on pirating websites... It was even harder when I thought about the months and years worth of time and energy I'd spent for creating, improving and supporting my application."

A couple of times I tried to fight them by myself but I was not successful. Having limited resources, I was losing hope and thinking that there was no practical way to fight piracy; till Jeff contacted me a few months ago about their services at DMCA Guardian. Now after two months, I'm quite happy with the results and the amount of illegal links taken down so far. Moreover, Jeff has been extremely helpful and he has always provided first class prompt support which I highly appreciate.

The pirating will never end and the battle will go on, but at least I don't have to focus on that subject anymore. Thank you Jeff for your great services and for saving me time and money!

Armond Avanes | ZoneWalker | www.zonewalker.com

"Your service has worked amazingly well - I'd spend all day chasing links to my app without it. Thanks again!"

Daniel Schuler | Corgi Apps