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DMCA Guardian understands that digital product owners have more important things to do with their time than search for unauthorized uploads of their product. Submitting DMCA takedown requests to file hosts requesting them to remove your copyrighted products takes time and often your product is re-uploaded again by users sharing your product. It's an endless cycle trying to ensure that your product is not continually being shared online for free.

Let us take care of searching for unauthorized uploads of your product on file locker sites and sending DMCA takedown requests for them. We offer several packages to help minimize sharing of your products. Our service will help maximize your companies revenue and save you tons of time having to submit DMCA takedown notices yourself.

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How does DMCA Guardian work?

  1. Sign up for our 15 day trial.
  2. Provide us with details about your product.
  3. Sit back and relax. We take care of the rest for you.
  4. Our specialised crawling software will search the web using various search terms related to downloading your product and gather download links to your product.
  5. Once our software finds an active download link it is manually verified by an experienced takedown agent.
  6. We then contact the infringing website's administrator with a DMCA takedown notice requesting that they remove the infringing content from their servers.
  7. If no response is received by the website's administrator we will then attempt to contact the ISP hosting their server with a DMCA takedown notice.
  8. You can view all the file links which have been found and removed in the Client Area of our website.
  9. We continually repeat the process to catch files that have been reuploaded after they were removed and ensure your products are not being distributed for free.
  10. Finally, if your satisfied with our services after your 15 day trial, you're welcome to stay as a member. Otherwise you can simply cancel your trial at any time before the 15 day trial period ends with no obligations.

100% set and forget hands free takedown service

Once you provide us with all the necessary details we need for your products, we take care of all the rest for you. You will never have to do anything else. Once we have everything setup our software will start searching for illegal links to your products. Our agents will take care of sending takedown notices on your behalf for all links that have been found without you having to be involved in the process in any way.

Our DMCA takedown service offers you...

Increased Revenue

We can help increase revenue for your business by making it difficult to find active download links to your product on file locker sites. Many users may just do a quick search on Google for your product and download from the one of the first websites they find. Our goal is to make active download links difficult to find just by doing a quick search on the web. This will help increase your revenue by reducing piracy rates.

Client Area

We offer a client area where you can log in at any time to check on the removal status of all links that have been found. You can also view statistics on the number of links that have been found for your products. You can also submit any additional links you find, and we will send takedown notices for them as we receive them. All of our packages include unlimited link submission.

Email Reports

All of our packages include email reports that are sent to you. These reports are delivered in CSV format, which can be opened in any spreadsheet application. The report will contain a list of all links that have been found for your package period. You will also be sent a removal report detailing all the links that have been successfully removed at the end of your package period.

Save Your Time

Searching for links to your product is a time consuming process. Also, many websites will use link shortening services that show advertisements on a countdown timer before going to the actual link, wasting even more of your time! Then after you have finally sifted through hundreds of websites, you still have to send the takedown notices too. Save your time and let us do it for you.

Read what some of our satisfied clients have to say

What Quoord has found useful is the DMCA Guardian service, which helps automate the sending of takedown notices to sites which host pirated copies of apps (or other content). Wong said that while adopting that approach hadn't had a noticeable effect in the Apple universe (where installing pirated apps requires a jailbroken device), it had made a clear difference for Android. "For Apple we didn't see any significant increase in sales when we used their service, but for Android our sales jumped 20 percent after we used their service." - Excerpt from Lifehacker

Winter Wong | Quoord Systems Ltd

"Being an independant software developer, finding your app being pirated is exciting at first as it is a sign that you have made a successful app. Then it becomes a challenge searching for ways to avoid it. After many attempts at protecting the source code of my application, I've learned that Android is not well designed to prevent piracy in an effient technical way. Finding ways of preventing piracy stopped being exciting and started becomming irritating. At this stage, I was almost convinced that there was no way to prevent pirating of my hard work. It was a relief finding there was still hope! This relief was brought to me by Jeff at DMCA Guardian. Being one of his first customers, I could measure the progress and efficiency of his methods, putting down one link after another of all the illegal copies of my app. Thank you for your work!"

Gael Pouzerate | Binary Mango AS

"It's impossible to stop piracy but measures can be taken to reduce it. Part of our mobile company's strategy to reduce piracy is to take down some of those file sharing website links. This is a time consuming and tedious process. Since we started using DMCA Guardians services, we did not only save time and money, but also increased our sales."

Pat Toulouse | Ratrod Studio Inc

"Your service has worked amazingly well - I'd spend all day chasing links to my app without it. Thanks again!"

Daniel Schuler | Corgi Apps

"As a software/application developer, it was not a good feeling at all to see my Android application being cracked and shared on pirating websites... It was even harder when I thought about the months and years worth of time and energy I'd spent for creating, improving and supporting my application."

A couple of times I tried to fight them by myself but I was not successful. Having limited resources, I was losing hope and thinking that there was no practical way to fight piracy; till Jeff contacted me a few months ago about their services at DMCA Guardian. Now after two months, I'm quite happy with the results and the amount of illegal links taken down so far. Moreover, Jeff has been extremely helpful and he has always provided first class prompt support which I highly appreciate.

The pirating will never end and the battle will go on, but at least I don't have to focus on that subject anymore. Thank you Jeff for your great services and for saving me time and money!

Armond Avanes | ZoneWalker

Read what some frustrated pirates have to say about our service

Here are just a few of the sites we can remove your products from

And many more...

Sign up for our risk-free 15 day trial and find out how our service can help increase your business revenue by reducing piracy of your products

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?

  1. We use a custom designed web crawler to accumulate as many links to your digital products on file locker sites as possible.

  2. We compile a list of all the links that we have found and send you an email report.

  3. We submit DMCA takedown notices to the file hosts that are hosting unauthorized copies of your product on their servers.

  4. It can take the file hosts several days to remove the files. Our client area will show you current removal status of all links.

  5. We repeat the above process based on the package you choose.

What is DMCA?

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is a United States copyright law that addresses the rights and obligations of owners of copyrighted material. DMCA also addresses the rights and obligations of Internet Service Providers on whose servers or networks your copyrighted material may be found. For more information about DMCA you can visit www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf

What kind of products can you remove?

We can remove all sorts of products. Anything that can be uploaded to a file download website we can get removed. Here is a list of some of the most common products we remove:


  • Software Applications (PC and Mac)

  • Smartphone Apps (Android and iPhone)

  • Templates and Themes

  • Scripts and Plugins

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Games

What information will you need from me?

We will need your legal name, valid address, valid phone number and authorization allowing DMCA Guardian to proceed with DMCA takedown action on your behalf.